Running to catch the bus, on your feet all day at work, climbing up and down the stairs, browsing around, shopping, jogging and then going out to dance in the evening: a woman’s joints and muscles work hard all day long. If you’re on your legs all day, then of course you want shoes that can stand up to your lifestyle. The Wortmann Group has developed innovative and exclusive technology that provides comfort and support for women who demand both fashion and function.

ANTIshokk: Walk with elegance and comfort

ANTIshokk is a unique heel technology created by the Wortmann Group; it’s been successfully integrated into many heel sizes and reduces the shock of each step by up to 50%. Pneumatic chambers and core stabilisers in the nucleus of the heel work like "shock absorbers" in your shoes. In this way, ANTIshokk protects the spine, intervertebral discs and joints. When used consistently over time, it reduces stress off the entire back area. By making them more comfortable to wear, you have more fun with and can move better in high-heeled shoes.

Well-being meets style

The greatest thing about ANTIshokk is that it can be integrated into the most stylish shoes without losing a bit of appeal. The designers and shoemakers at MARCO TOZZI made it their priority to include both comfort and feminine vogue. Thanks to this feel-great technology, which can be seamlessly integrated into the latest shoe trends, shoes keep their light and delicate appearance. It’s a real improvement for all current outfits and styles. MARCO TOZZI is starting a trend with this integrated ANTIshokk brand technology; it is a true asset for all style-savvy ladies who won’t settle for shoes that are anything less than fabulous. Ask your local MARCO TOZZI retailer about select ANTIshokk shoes and see for yourself.
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